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"What's the FASTEST way I can get results now? What's the QUICKEST way to start seeing results right away?"

I found the 3 major secrets, and here they are:

1. Understanding what really gets you RESPECT and AUTHORITY with Clients (and not the stuff society tells you, or wannabe gurus... you know who I'm talking about).

2. Giving yourself an "unfair advantage" over other people so you command extremely high fees no matter how "new" you are  ... and without the pain of the steep learning curve

3. Knowing what makes FAST MONEY with Facebook for Clients ...  And pays off your credit cards, gets you more free time, helps the family with cash, easily pays bills and grows your side business (even helping you leave your day job if you want).

Once I uncovered these key additional, maximum-strength, advanced acceleration secrets I created the Ulimate Program to produce fast and noticeable results in even the most extreme, complicated or difficult situations.

I crammed everything that you will need to boost your "Facebook Money Success" by AT LEAST 429% or more into this Ultimate Program - These are maximum-strength techniques! They go way beyond what you have already seen!

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It’s almost unfair how quickly these advanced techniques increase profits because of your "Instant Social Authority" and "Facebook Money Attraction" ... faster and easier than you could have ever thought possible, with 100% guaranteed accuracy. I know you'll get rapid and amazing results in days, not weeks or months.

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Here's What You Get...
  • The SECRET that gets people drowning you in cash ... 
  • An easily learned trick that creates "Cash Desire" on Facebook
  • Two simple steps that add $500 to your PayPal account 
  • The dirty little phrase that small businesses love - finally revealed
  • One little known "Money Hot Button" ... press it 5x per month 
  • The number one thing all Social Media Managers MUST deliver
  • The three ways of "selling" that will KILL profits - avoid these! 
  • What you need to give your first client to get "Profit Lock-In"
  • The 3 WeiRd tricks that magnetically attract the best local clients
  • Why "The Chameleon Face" is horrible and ruins everything - ugly!
  • The FREE tool that keeps everything on track (instant access)
  • The "I Need You Now!" trigger that drives clients wild ... for you
  • How to do a "Social X-Ray" to find your first social media client
  • What's known as the 3x SWEET SPOT of pricing... must see this
  • The "Price Rejection Flag" that clients barf on (this is deadly)
  • The 4 types of "Social Juice" that clients desperately need from you 
  • Making clients LOVE your highest price service - See this demo!
  • Where to find FRESH content... 7 magical evergreen methods 
  • Why being ________ doubles your value and triples your prices
  • How low prices are generally stupid UNLESS you do this (twice)
  • This one "Housewife Habit" ... always makes clients drool 
  • Setting up Money-in-Advance for clients - this is money in the bank!
  • The "Zero Selling System" - works even if you are painfully shy
  • The "Profit Posting Process" that is 250% smarter (and faster)
  • Doing this one thing forces clients to pay you EVERY month 
  • And way, way more...

The system contains eighteen (18) "Money Getting" trainings revealing all the maximum-strength advanced tactics for Social Media Manager  - all in step-by-step detail that are guaranteed to work in even the most extreme, complicated or difficult situations, giving you the results you desire faster and easier than you could have ever imagined, with virtually no work involved. (And yet still... very SIMPLE!)

  • Step-by-step instructions about finding "Money Machine" small business clients... without making any of the three deadly mistakes most beginners are making right now
  • Over-the-shoulder video trainings showing every single step in detail so you just follow along and enjoy success even faster... 
  • How to scale up fast by using the "L-P" secret of content... this allows you to attract 7x more money with about 3 minutes of effort... friends and partners will be VERY JEALOUS of you because of this!
  • Exactly what to do right now to avoid DEADLY Facebook content mistakes... skipping this can kill your business (unless you follow these exact steps)
  • Enjoy 4 hands on trainings revealing EASY ways to get money with "Delivery Diamonds" through Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and ________ (which is a game-changing loophole we can't share here)
  • What to do to FIRST to look like an "Old Pro with Fresh Style" with confidence... PLUS how to do marketing without looking or feeling "sleazy" ... use these exact steps to close 3 clients fast!   
  • How to attract (and HOLD) "Clients With Money" - The ONE "trick" that no one else is sharing with you (but you get it instantly today when you purchase)
  • And much, much more..

Retail Value: $99.95

Magic Software System Revealed:
Prospector Pro Profits
  • Super Fast Client-Getting Software ... push button tool that delivers new clients to you - save hours and hours of time 
  • Training on a "Zero Effort" Search and Delivery Tool ... this is what the "Big Boys" (and Girls!) are doing - zero frustration! 
  • Discover Several Ultra High Profit Clients Right Now... Get started 1-2-3 today - what to click, where to look, how to get cash!
The Money Magnifier
"Practically FREE Money for You"
  • Step-By-Step monthly cash getting system... Know exactly how to keep your best clients gushing with delight (non-stop!) - simple & fast
  • "Service Glue" that causes clients to stick with you... Forces clients to spend more and money with you - And love you for it!
  • 11 different ________ services that 5x your profits... All the right tactics, special tricks, amazing tips - This provides an unfair edge!
Platinum Level Services
Getting New Clients with Lead Capture
  • New clients will crawl over broken glass to reach you... top social media managers are doing this to gain 278% advantage - virtually guarantees 10x more "clients with money" (they NEED you) 
  • The "Follow Up Machine" ... even ONE simple gift delivered to this way can mean $1,000 or more - professionals always do THIS!
  • Give your client THIS and they will never leave you... here's your roadmap for getting more leads, more prospects, more BUYERS - "grows money" month after month 
Social Media Money Matrix
(What Clients Desperate Need That YOU Have)
  • The BUYING MATRIX... start using this IMMEDIATELY to get the advantage you crave - builds rapport, "alpha affection" and more! 
  • How "Financial Fishing" brings clients knocking... discover the 7 factors that matter to BUYERS - professionals always use THIS!
  • Turning cold strangers into Customers-On-Fire... here's what this #1 Social Media Manager does for MORE MONEY - now it's yours!
Eye Candy Leverage
Automating the "Profit Process"
  • 4 software systems that INSTANTLY save you time ... never worry about your calendar, timing, action items - caveman simple and FUN!
  • 3 SECRET graphic design tools ... the exact web sites and tools used (right this very minute!) by highly paid, cash-rich social media managers - use these for FREE and for yourself again and again!
  • 2 "Content Collection" services you must see (and use) ... includes several BONUSES today - clients will gush over these
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