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What's Inside? 
  • The SECRET that gets people drowning you in cash ... 
  • An easily learned trick that creates "Cash Desire" on Facebook
  • Two simple steps that add $500 to your PayPal account 
  • The dirty little phrase that small businesses love - finally revealed
  • One little known "Money Hot Button" ... press it 5x per month 
  • The number one thing all Social Media Managers MUST deliver
  • The three ways of "selling" that will KILL profits - avoid these! 
  • What you need to give your first client to get "Profit Lock-In"
  • The 3 WeiRd tricks that magnetically attract the best local clients
  • Why "The Chameleon Face" is horrible and ruins everything - ugly!
  • The FREE tool that keeps everything on track (instant access)
  • The "I Need You Now!" trigger that drives clients wild ... for you
  • How to do a "Social X-Ray" to find your first social media client
  • What's known as the 3x SWEET SPOT of pricing... must see this
  • The "Price Rejection Flag" that clients barf on (this is deadly)
  • The 4 types of "Social Juice" that clients desperately need from you 
  • Making clients LOVE your highest price service - See this demo!
  • Where to find FRESH content... 7 magical evergreen methods 
  • Why being ________ doubles your value and triples your prices
  • How low prices are generally stupid UNLESS you do this (twice)
  • This one "Housewife Habit" ... always makes clients drool 
  • Setting up Money-in-Advance for clients - this is money in the bank!
  • The "Zero Selling System" - works even if you are painfully shy
  • The "Profit Posting Process" that is 250% smarter (and faster)
  • Doing this one thing forces clients to pay you EVERY month 
  • And way, way more...
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