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Hello Niche Marketer!

John S. Rhodes here and if you're struggling to set up your own niche web site, I've got some great news for you.

Are you struggling to come up with new ideas? Fighting through niche research?

Do you wish you had a FAST and EASY way to keep track of your best ideas? 

Are you looking for a product creation plan? Or maybe a PERFECT BLUEPRINT?

Well, you can get this and much more without the cost of my 1-to-1 coaching and personal time... but still get amazing results. 

Who Else Wants My #1 Secret for "ALMOST INSANE" Niche Marketing SPEED?

I'm a huge fan of checklists and cheatsheets. They remind me what to look at, what to do, what to keep doing and more. They keep me on track, they guide me. When you have my niche profits checklists... it's like I'm holding your hand, gently guiding you.

I've taken my 20 BEST checklists and niche profits cheatsheets and put them into an exclusive and private collection for you. These were previously only available to clients who paid me $1,000 per hour. But don't worry, you won't pay even a tiny fraction of that!


These 20 checklists and cheatsheets are in PDF format for easy downloading and printing, just like I use them. Imagine printing them and using them with a pen or pencil. Or, simply use them online to easily generate AMAZING MONEY IDEAS, set up key reminders and get quick links to resources. 

You can use these again and again for every niche project. Pick and choose, and print, and then get instant results. You can use these as many times as you want.

I get INSTANT RESULTS with my Niche Profit Checklists and so do my clients. They practically do the work for you. Just follow along. And no matter what niche you're in, these work like crazy. And YES, these are perfect if you're just getting started online.

Now, looks at what comes next. You won't believe what I'm giving away...
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You Get to Download My 20 Best Checklists and Niche Profits Cheatsheets (Normally Priced $97) for Just $19.95 When You Act Right Now!
  • Amazon Deep Dive Research Checklist
  • Ultimate Brainstorming Checklist
  • Bullet Point Research Checklist
  • Common Problems Issues and Concerns Checklist
  • Demographics Avatar Checklist
  • Dream Building Niche Product Checklist
  • Fast Brainstorming and Concept Stretching Checklist
  • Headline Ideas and Tracking Checklist
  • Infographics Niche Data Extraction Checklist
  • Niche Expert Interview Checklist
  • Niche Keyword Planner Checklist
  • Niche Product Clarification Checklist
  • Niche Product Time Management Checklist
  • Niche Product Personal Alignment Checklist
  • Private Label Rights Extraction Checklist
  • Product Development Checklist
  • Sales & Marketing Validation Checklist
  • Story Behind the Niche Checklist
  • Technical Cross Set Up Checklist
  • What Are People Looking For Checklist
This is a complete steal at $97 because it's all in one place, reduces stress, gives you brand NEW IDEAS and SAVES TIME!
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I've got even more great news... 

I decided that you will also get 20 additional bonuses today. In addition to the 20 PDF checklists, I'm handing these checklists to you in Microsoft Word format (.docx) so you can use them right on your computer. Isn't that awesome? 

I'm giving you another... $97 VALUE! Take a look at these beauties...

Exciting, right?

Well, it's getting even better because I'm also giving you...

20 New Videos Just Added...
Gives You Even MORE SPEED
I've decided to give you "Hyper Access" to my very best niche marketing tips, tricks and money-getting tactics. I'm releasing 20 videos that explain my best-kept SECRETS. They are short, simple and powerful so you can take immediate action. This is just like getting FREE coaching from me.   $197 VALUE!
$397 Total Value
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Act Now! 

I've made this super simple for you. As soon as you sign up you'll get instant access to everything I mentioned -- you'll get the videos, the PDFs, Word documents and more... You'll get everything... no waiting!

Get in, get smarter and GET MORE SPEED in less than 2 minutes. And that means more money because money loves speed. 

So go ahead and order right now and I'll see you in the member's area...

All the best,

~ John S. Rhodes

"Niche Profits Checklist Package" 
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