The Safe Way To TRIPLE Your Monthly Income In 90 Days... Using The Juggernaut United 'Strategic Selling System'
“11 out of every 12 people will NEVER gain access to the secrets tucked away inside this wealth fortress, and I’m fully committed to turning away weak entrepreneurs.”
“You’ll have to crawl over broken glass to get in... But when you do, I’ll give you 103% of my blood, sweat and tears... Get your fair share, and the respect you deserve. Get MORE MONEY not the short end of the stick.”

Have you been struggling to get more sales? Are you failing to level up? To get yours? Are you feeling like it’s time for you to generate cash on demand AND get more passive income each and every month?

I have the answer in this special letter. And you must read every word because it could save your life. Maybe something... even better.

I’ve decided to open limited-time, beta access to my private network that we call:
It the right choice for a select few and it’s a terrible choice for most others because it’s downright expensive. And blunt, and raw. 

I’m talking about...

An elite community that includes brutally effective sales and marketing strategies, combined with my own proven money-getting tactics. The same ones I use every single day, and that you’re feeling tug at you right now. You’ll finally see behind the curtain and know what’s working but also where I failed, or burned money.

You want to know how to get non-stop Amazon royalties? Check. You want to see how I’m building my email lists for FREE every day? Check. You want to know how I write cash-pulling, money-sucking sales letters and emails? Check. You want to know how my team operates at warp speed, how my partners pull $50K per month, and how I slay dragons and still stay focused? Check.

This is built for one thing and one thing only...
You Get More Money Every Month
With HALF The Time and Effort
And we believe in you. We respect you. We want this for you... you deserve it.

Every time you need Juggernaut United... it’s there for you. Because you’re greeted by people you can trust and that finally understand what you’re going through. We’ve been there and I am there as your foundation. Your bedrock. 

Every click, every view, every minute... puts money into your pocket. It finally pays you back, again and again. The investment is pure karma, come around and multiplying your profits. Flooding you. That’s what we want, and what you get.
** Your Own Unfair Advantage **
And this happens with your books, your niche business, your videos, your knowledge, your skills. It’s absolutely clear and you can feel it all yourself. 

Of course, this would never show up if it didn’t work like gangbusters. It’s concrete, it’s real. The energy is super high... like you feel it right now, yeah?

It’s almost spooky how powerful this is. Speaking to you. Your mind is aware and your body knows this feeling well... heart racing... “Here for a reason, I’ve found it!”

Even better?

You Get My Never-Before-Revealed...
“Strategic Selling System”
This is my “caveman simple” 3-step system to safely TRIPLE your sales every month. But don’t let the simplicity fool you because this would easily sell for $1,495.00 on the “open market” – but I would NEVER give this away in public. 

In the last 10 years I’ve made millions of dollars online and I’ve helped others make many more millions. I’m a secret weapon. I’m “that guy” people whisper about... you know what I mean. I just laugh and bank the cash – RARELY sharing my secrets, other than with my $1,000.00 per hour clients. 

But because this is a BETA TEST, for a short time you can exploit my system to set up your own money-getting machine. Takes a few hours, not weeks or months.  

Works in any market, any niche. Works at any level, any experience. Works for free. Works around the world. Works day and night. Works for you. Because it’s SIMPLE.  

And the Strategic Selling System is just the tip of the iceberg. Check this out...

Juggernaut United includes ALL of the following for BETA TESTERS like you:
  •  The “secret” way to get other people to do all the hard work for you... while you just relax and collect the money. It’s almost like cheating but it’s legal and ethical this alone can get you 10x MORE MONEY in 3 days
  •  Exactly how to turn your random and weird thoughts, plus your pet projects, hobbies and “TV time” into cold hard cash. Once you know how to do this you can turn ANYTHING into monthly income (plus loyal “Happy Mouth” customers).
  •  Use what top “gurus” and sneaky online entrepreneurs have been using but would never tell you... but I will. And see how this pulls more cash into your bank account than anything you’ve ever tried. It might make you cry.
  •  The really "dumb" way to pull your first $5 online and then how to do it as many times as you want, even hundreds of times per month. Even better? It’s so much FUN that it’s addictive. 
  •  A way to get 150 words of content every minute – that’s 9,000 words of content every hour – enough for a brand new, original, fresh content book. Best of all, there are no typos, no errors and it’s all yours. (This is clever!)
  •  What to do FIRST if you’re stuck or suffer from ADD/ADHD or can’t seem to ever focus. Works even if you’ve tried meditation or if you’ve popped pills to beat it... do this instead. 
  •  What you can do 4-6 times every single day to get hundreds of free, targeted clicks... hungry eyeballs, loving you and whatever you’re selling. This is the best way to turn EYE CANDY into viral cash... yes, this is weiRd. 
And more, like...
  •  The “Safe But Dirty” path to always getting more easy cash from your customers, even when you can’t sell your way out of moist paper bag. Following a mechanical 1-2-3 process never felt so good
  •  How to “unfairly” set up a special type of product on Amazon that has 98% LESS competition – and you can set 1-2 of these Mini-Money Machines every single day (if you’re greedy). Plus you get FREE TRAFFIC within 72 hours, or less. 
  •  One writing trick I’ve used over 250 times to make over $1,000.00 – usually a lot more – although I warn you that it’s only for ADVANCED marketers. It’s easy but there’s a process some people are afraid to try it.
  •  The single greatest 1-2 “Atomic Cash Punch” that anyone can use if they are willing to use baby food simple technology... once you see it, you cannot un-see this almost magical wealth weapon. 
  •  A little 144-page file that is responsible for $98,278.49 (maybe more, but I stopped counting). It’s the PERFECT way for you to ethically “rip me off” in at least 12 different ways. I encourage you to exploit this secret loophole. 
  •  How to protect your business in smart ways... and even how to raise a dead business from the grave. If you’ve ever been punched in the throat by PayPal or Amazon, for example, you need this. 
  •  The single best way to dramatically and permanently REDUCE STRESS, fatigue and frustration in your business – works for nervous people – And the best part is that you don’t have to “do” anything at all to get results today. 
  •  And there’s even more inside, waiting for you... 
Know with absolute certainty how to “trick” your mind to get 312% more value from any technology, any business system, any information product. How to use something as DUMB-and-SIMPLE as PowerPoint (or any presentation tool!) in 7 different ways... to get traffic and build your email list. How to make more money from any email you send, or from any post on Twitter or Facebook – and why it cannot fail when you do it right. 

This is pretty close to...
It’s not rainbows and unicorns or empty promises... but I tell you what to do right now to get results, and what’s worked for thousands of customers. Normal folks.

I’ll show you what steps to take and how to do it the right way. 

I’ll hand over access to my best Money Machine “Set Ups” so you can just copy what I’m doing right now. This is like having me right next to your keyboard and mouse, or tapping on your phone... telling you what to do... A-B-C and 1-2-3. 

This is like having...

Direct Access to Me,
On Any Day of the Week,
At Any Hour of the Day,
Doing The Work For You!
And I’m still not done.

Because when you get BETA ACCESS today and lock in the best and lowest price today, right now, while you’re thinking about it... You ALSO get... invitation to join my private and exclusive members area. That includes full access to everything, including our “social club” so you can hang out, ask questions, interact, get help, support, and way more. 

Plus --!

You get all of this ON DEMAND:
  •  Remaster Pro – The single greatest way to “exploit” training, content, materials, books, sales pages that already exist. 
  •  Freedom Five – The smart way to turn words into a side income no matter where you live in the world. This is a way to make your first $5 online. 
  •  The Presentation Pro – The way to get squeeze as much money as you want out of any presentation even if you don’t like and don’t use PowerPoint
  •  E-Commerce Backdoor – The crazy-like-a-fox strategy that allows you to sell digital products on Amazon for 10x more money. 
  •  The Ultimate Copywriting Swipe File – The fastest path to better sales pages and the secret selling language that works 99.87% of the time
  •  Nitro Email List Growth Hacks – The 7 ridiculous ways to use ONE dumb technology to grow your email list to 1,000 or more. 
  •  Juggernaut Mind Typing – The tactic that allows anyone to get enough content in 47 minutes for a full blown Kindle book. 
  •  Meme Traffic Backdoor –The way to turn silly (and often UGLY) images into hundreds of viral clicks each day. 
  •  Real Fast “Money Results” Strategy – The fastest way to turn any digital product into a goldmine... especially effective for NEW and struggling entrepreneurs.
  •  The Juggernaut Webinar System – The simple “Money Set Up” for webinars that works rain or shine, week after week.  
  •  Real Fast “Account Protection” – The smart way to PROTECT your business, your accounts but also an effective and proven way to get “banned” or “killed” accounts back under your full control. 
  •  And more is being added... Every. Single. Week!
When you subscribe you get:
  •  FREE UPDATES when I inject new members-only content, PDFs, videos, downloads, and more. When you’re in, you’re in... subscribers get full catalog access as long as you’re with us, you’re really with us. 
  •  Access to me and my team. And our community. We’re in this together.
  •  “Secret” updates... way before any of my normal clients. You’re first in line, even in front of my $1,000.00 per hour clients. (Shhhh!)
  •  Bonus content, bonus training, bonus traffic. Even bonus software. I won’t reveal more in public.
  •  Special, insider view of my “Mad Scientist Lab” which includes a peek into my massive failures and screw ups... I take the hit and the pain. You avoid it. 
I sense that you’re ready to change your life, right this very moment. You want the ability to “crack open the safe” and so you can grab the cash, diamonds and gold. 
Here’s how it works:

JUGGERNAUT UNITED is normally yours for $29 per month. 

But today? Great news... $1 gets you inside! 

You get access to everything inside Juggernaut United. After 7 days, if you decide to remain a member with exclusive and private access, you'll be grandfathered at the best monthly rate of $29. 

And YES –!

You can cancel any time you’d like but there are no refunds. 

Read this closely because it’s better

There’s no lame 7-day refund. Instead, there’s a 10x YOUR MONEY guarantee. When you use my system and you don’t get at least $300 additional value every single month, we’ll cancel your subscription and... 

I’ll personally stroke you a check for $29, and I’ll even write you an apology letter and send it by postal mail. 

And one more thing. 
Or ever... if you’re a crybaby, or think money falls from the sky without 2-3 hours of focus. If you’re not willing to “test” once in a while or if $1 steals money from your baby honey child. 

And if you expect fat results by wishing for that miracle versus doing it, then you’ve got to pound salt. Barking up the wrong tree. This ain’t for you because we believe in abundance, accountability, mastery and lifetime focus.

Or worse, you’ll quit on yourself. We simply cannot have that. Not allowed. You’ll get ejected. Because only WINNERS and STRONG HEARTS are allowed access here. 

Find your “path” somewhere else if you’re not feeling the love -n- energy here. Because this is only for...
“Only the Best Men & Women Shall Enter”
If you’re struggling or just getting started that’s totally cool. If you’re advanced, that’s even better, but not required. What matters is that you’re ready to become the best version of yourself. 

But remember, as you nervously click, you should KNOW in your heart and mind that this about raw power and energy. This is a movement. This is truly exciting...  What you've been waiting and wishing for.

Money-getting is within your reach, finally. Until now you simply didn’t have access, you just didn’t have the support you needed. But that’s different today. NOW! 

People are getting set up really fast. They are getting in, like you. 

A few will turn away but most are making the choice to be part of something bigger. They are doing it for themselves and to prove it to others. They “get” it. 

And you?

Click “BUY NOW” and release the animal. 

Become the change. 

Access is instant. 

It’s your turn. 

Do it now.

Click and get started, my friend. 
Get Access to Juggernaut United
100% Secure Payments 
~ John S. Rhodes

p.s. I cannot guarantee the price will stay this low because you’re getting BETA ACCESS and the best possible deal. However, I can guarantee that once you “lock in” I’ll never ask for more. You’re getting my #1 best secrets for a rock bottom investment. 

p.p.s. You’re getting in RIGHT NOW for less than $0.99 per day. (It's like $0.03 per day for your 1st month!) This is a paltry sum and I’m embarrassed. I’ll be increasing the price once I come to my senses. Take advantage, cut the velvet rope, get inside now... before the smelling salts kick in! 
Get Access to Juggernaut United
100% Secure Payments 
P.S. - If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $1, you're getting access to Juggernaut United and the Strategic Selling System, then you pay only $29 per month for membership access every 30 days. Click the button above so I can let you in for 7 days with my best discount available!
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