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  • NO Product
  •  NO List
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  •  NO China
  •  NO Drop Shipping
  • NO Website
  •  NO Freelancing
  •  NO Merchant Accounts
  • ...and Very Little Work
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Dear Friend,

I don’t expect this to impress you, but I make hundreds of dollars every day.

But what might excite you, as you come to learn more about it, is how I make this money every day.

I can tell you it’s probably different than anything else you’ve heard about making money online.

You see, I make Boring Dollars.

And even though they’re boring, they spend just the same.

Today I’d like to show you how you can side-step the online hype and make Boring Dollars too.

My name is John S. Rhodes. And the truth is, I’m a boring guy. Some might even call me lame. I don’t own a Lamborghini. And I don’t vacation at the Ritz.

I’m slow, methodical, and careful. I’m the guy driving the sensible Volvo with both hands planted firmly on the wheel.

I buy my cars more for the airbags than the speed.

The truth is, I’m like an 85-year-old guy living inside the body of a 40-year-old.

That’s why, even though I make better than a doctor’s salary online today, 10 years ago, I couldn’t look you in the eyes and say the same.

And I want to tell you right up front that even if you’re nothing like I was, my story is still critical to understand if you’re interested in making money online.

I remember it well…

Day after day at work feeling paralyzed with fear.

On a typical day I’d be sitting in my black leather swivel chair in front of my desk. I had my feet up and my white-knuckled hands placed behind my neck.

I was trying my best to look like I was deep in thought about science-stuff, since that’s what engineers are supposed to do.

But if anybody cared to look closely (they didn’t), they’d see my forehead was peppered with beads of sweat.

The truth is, I was a wreck. And my family couldn’t understand why.

It was a good job. The pay was strong and reliable. Well over 6 figures. But the cubicle I worked in might as well have been a cell.

I wanted freedom. I wanted to sleep in late some days. I wanted to travel more. I wanted to call the shots in my own life.

Instead, this ‘great’ job was like ball and chain around my ankle.

I’d started spinning my wheels trying to make enough money online to free me.

But I limped along. And how could I hope to replace a 6-figure career by making a few bucks here and there?

How My Boring Life Came to My Rescue
…and how it can turn the tables for you too .
Now, if you’re somebody who doesn’t make 6-figures yet … and if you even struggle to sometimes make ends meet … then you’re not going to feel sorry for me I don’t think.

Especially if you’d be thrilled to make 6 figures, even in a soul-sucking job.

I get that.

But you’ll see in just a minute how my story can help you get what you want too, even if you’re nothing like me.

So, back to the story. Day after day, I’m making good money in corporate America. But I hate my life. Worse, I don’t know what to do about it.

This went on for years.

Then one day I’m sitting at the kitchen table at my parent’s house. In walks my brother Matt, home from College. Matt’s 15 years younger than me. And he’s TOTALLY opposite to me.

If he had all the money in the world, he’d drive a Ferrari. I couldn’t sleep at night with one of those parked in my driveway.

For some reason, while I’m steady and safe, Matt is the kind of guy who flies by the seat of his pants.

Remember, he’s just home from College. He’s never had any interest in business before, save a newspaper route and the odd sad-sack lemonade stand.

So, when he tells me he made $3,000 last weekend, I thought the worst. $3,000 in a weekend!

I don’t want mom and dad to find out what’s going on. So, I grab the kid by his College Hoodie and pull him over in the corner of the kitchen. I hissed at him, “are you selling drugs or something?”

“Of course not. I sold a little report to 300 people for 10 bucks each. I wrote it myself”

Now I’m even more wound up. My brother knew nothing about nothing.

How could he sell a report to 300 people for 10 bucks? What did he even say inside the report.

Don’t You Dare Do What My Brother Matt Did!
“It’s nothing,” he shrugged. “Just a 12-page document that had some stuff in there that people wanted to know badly enough that they paid me for it.”

Nothing! But here’s my kid brother earning as much as me … on the side, while he was still in first year College.

Now, the LAST thing I want you to do is sell reports online for $10 each. That’s a recipe for disaster as I’ll show you in a moment.

But, this was 10 years ago. And I couldn’t get it out of my head that Matt made this kind of money completely online. After all, this was just a year after the iPhone was born.

I started to think that I was too boring. That I should be more like Matt.

I’m “slow,” deliberate and systematic. That’s why I became an engineer.

I did well in college. I got honors. And I paid my way through without owing a nickel when I came out.

But my reckless kid brother was actually MAKING money at College…

And I thought I was the smart one!

So, I tucked my pride under my hat and pleaded for Matt to show me what he was doing.

Matt got a kick out of big brother needing his help. But I was just glad he was showing me what he was doing.

Things came slower to me than to Matt. I’d work all day inside that Fortune 50 hell-hole, thinking I should be glad to have this six-figure job.

But my mind was on the freedom of making money online.

I started off selling reports, just like Matt was. I made good money at that. 6 figures on top of what I was making at the day job.

It was exhilarating. We set it up so we’d get a text notification every time we made a sale. That made the days at work a little easier too.

But you know what?
It Was A Total GRIND!
I mean, it sounds ok. I was helping people – teaching them stuff I knew through low-cost reports.

But I was always having to come up with something new. And lots of times those reports bombed and we didn’t sell any.

So, the novelty started to wear off.

I’d drag myself into work, red-eyed after working all night on the “business.”

I was making more money than ever. But in no way did I feel what I was doing was going to last.

Instead of leading me to the promised land, our report business only left me burnt out, stressed, and feeling even more trapped.

In fact, I was about to quit doing this online stuff completely.

Then Matt hit me with the kind of brilliance that always shocks me.

He said, “John, you’re a boring dude. You know that. I mean it in the nicest way. You’re steady and you’re safe. But that’s ok. There are lots of ways to making boring money online too. Why don’t you just do that?”

Matt was right. And I’ll share with you shortly why Matt’s advice could be a saving grace for you too – no matter if you’re more like Matt or more like me.

Why I Couldn’t Get Out of that Profitable Online Business Fast Enough
Our reports business had me scrambling to come up with new stuff all the time. And it seemed like all day long I was handling customer service requests. People had questions or the software malfunctioned and they didn’t get the report they paid for.

But the worst part is, I knew it wasn’t really a business at all!

So, I started over, convinced that Boring Money was where it was at.

I was an engineer. So, I started thinking like an engineer.

My new goal was NOT to make money… It was to make Boring Money.

I built systems that brought in cash even while I was at the day job. These systems worked without a hitch. On a typical night, I’d spend an hour in the evening making sure things were running smoothly. I never had to put out fires. The Boring System did the work.

Lots of nights I didn’t even work on my Boring Money Systems at all.

But they still kept pumping out cash. And eventually, those Boring Money Systems allowed me to quit my safe, boring job. I left behind the pension and the security. And I couldn’t be happier.

I’m truly free now. I call the shots. I do what I want to do. I still love to work hard, but it’s on my own schedule.

I even put my Cousin Ronnie in his place. I’ll tell you about what a jerk my Cousin Ronnie is in a minute.

The best part is…
How Being Boring Still Earns Me Cash Every Single Day … Even if I Don’t Work at All
I never thought I’d say it, but boring to the rescue!

Now, someone like Matt would have quit his job years earlier than I did. He’s a little reckless. I’ve always admired that. It drove him nuts that I took so long to make the leap.

Are you more like Matt or more like me?

Someone like you might have fast success using my Boring Money Systems. You might choose to get out of the rat race quick. OR, you might want to set up a small Boring Money System just to have some extra spending cash.

That’s the cool thing about Boring Money Systems – you can go as slow or as fast as you want.

And that’s especially true with…
The #1 Boring Money System for People Who Want a Strong Second Income …or for People Who Want to Exit the Rat Race Fast
Since those early day, I’ve gone on to create many Boring Money Systems.

When you run a Boring Money System business like the ones I’ve created…

  •  You DON’T need to buy and products (I never want to be on the hook for a garage full of stuff that nobody wants).
  • You DON’T need to have ANY communication with customers (I love my customers but my Boring Money Systems have to be able to run for days, weeks, and months without me if necessary).
  • You DON’T need a list or a website (those things take hard, ongoing work and are anything but boring).
  • You DON’T need to freelance or provide other services to clients (I’ve done that, and you can make good money, but it just becomes another job that enslaves you).
  • You DON’T need to risk any money to get started (although, as I’ll show you in a moment, the PERFECT Boring Money System does take about $6 to get started).
  • You DON’T need any special knowledge to get started (having to learn stuff all the time is just another roadblock – and it’s totally unnecessary to make Boring Money Systems work).
  • You DON’T need to invest much time to get started (ideally a Boring Money System can be set up in a couple of hours and run ongoing in at most a couple of hours per week).
Can you see what’s so attractive about Boring Money Systems?

The truth is, if I peel back the curtain on my TOP Boring Money System today, your life could change, very quickly.

If you’ve ever sat red-faced while your loved ones questioned whether it was even possible to make money online…

If you’ve ever tried stuff the Lamborghini-driving guys are pushing – and it didn’t work for you…

If you’ve ever tried to ‘get rich quick’, and it failed…

It’s time to try a Boring Money System.
Why Doubters Disappear Faster than an Ice Cube on Georgia Asphalt
Some people hate seeing others get ahead. Sometimes, it’s even your own family. I mentioned earlier that I had a cousin named Ronnie – obnoxious guy.

I remember Ronnie sitting at my table on Thanksgiving, eating my turkey and dressing, and blurting out between mouthfuls of half-chewed food…

“Still playing around with that online nonsense John?”

Here’s this guy, half-broke, eating the food I paid for and he was still trying to drag me down!

Well, if you have a Cousin Ronnie too, take heart…

Ronnie doesn’t come ‘round anymore. Not since I gave him a peek inside the Boring Money Systems bank account.

I made Ronnie go away. But he still keeps in touch with the family. And you won’t believe what he’s up to now.

Part of me wishes I never shooed Ronnie away, though. That’s because I want him to see my crowning achievement – the BEST Boring Money System yet!

That would stop his sneering all over again.

This Boring Money System not only lets you build an online money machine as fast or as slow as you want to, it also solves the biggest problem I see online today…

How Not to Get Killed
When people like my cousin Ronnie drag themselves out of the woodwork to ask my best advice, I tell them, “Don’t get killed.”

They never quite seem to like that advice. And yet, it’s actually gold. So many people try to make money online and they get ‘killed.’

They try to…

  • ​Start a freelancing business without any skills. And they get buried by the mountains of freelancers who’ve been around since the internet was just a twinkle in Al Gore’s eye.
  • ​Start a business making big cash serving local clients. When they don’t know the first thing about generating leads.
  • ​Start a drop shipping business. When they aren’t prepared to deal with the nightmare customer service headaches and merchant account closures.
  • ​Start an ecommerce business. When they don’t even have a product to sell.

The list goes on and on. If you’re brand new … or you don’t have any money to start … or time to invest in learning the skills to run those kinds of businesses …

Then you’re going to get killed using strategies like those. The one’s the Lamborghini guys are selling.

BUT… my Boring Money Systems side-step all of that nonsense.

Boring Money Systems are quick and easy to start. They don’t require any special skill and they don’t require much capital.

In fact, as I’ve been telling you, my favorite Boring Money System takes just $6 to get started. And if you’re reading this before noon, it could be making you money today.

All you need a web browser.

But let me make something crystal-clear…

My strategies are boring. However, I trust if you started making money before the day is through, you wouldn’t really be bored at all.

Fair warning though, it might get boring fast. In much the same way that earning income from dividend stocks is boring.

And that’s a good thing. If you want excitement, go create another Boring Money System till that gets boring too.

Trust me, if you have multiple streams of Boring Money coming in, it takes the edge of the boredom. It’s not so bad, know what I mean?

But let me share with you the one Boring Money System stands head-and-shoulders above the others, and how you can use that system for your own gain.
How to Get Your Hands on My 2022’s Top Boring Money System Training Today
I’ve put together a series of 6 short videos. Those videos total about 62 minutes long. That’s it.

Boring, right?

But that’s on purpose. All you have to do is watch those 6 videos, follow along, and do what I show you.

And if you’re wondering why I’d share this secret Boring Money System with you, for just a buck … it’s for 2 reasons.

First, this Boring Money System will NEVER get saturated. Pretty much the whole world is your market.

This system has more to do with your own interests than anything else.

You like football? You can make a killing with this Boring Money System.

You like knitting … cooking … self-defence … cats … dogs … hunting … underwater basket weaving …

If you like anything at all, you can make big money with my Boring Money System.

And I’m NOT saying that you have to have some intense hobby either. If you’re mildly interested in a topic that others are interested in too, that’s all you need!

But as wide-open as this Boring Money System is, I don’t want the whole world jumping on it. And the easiest way to give great value while keeping out the masses is to reward the action-takers. I do that by charging the lowest price possible to weed out the tire-kickers.

And that’s $1.

But earlier I said you need $6, right?

That’s true. You need $5 to launch the Boring Money System. This is a one-time $5 though. It’s not for hosting or a website or anything like that. But you will need a one-time $5 to get the Boring Money System up and running.

That $5 DOESN’T go to me either.

So, it’s $1 to access the Boring Money System and $5 dollars to get the Boring Money System rolling.
That’s it!

Which brings me to the second reason I’m sharing this Boring Money System with you today…
How to Test-Drive ALL 10 of
My Boring Money Systems!
Below there’s a button to click and invest your dollar. You’ll immediately receive access to my 2022’s Top Boring Money System that I’ve been telling you about.

In fact, you could be starting to put it into place just minutes from now … and earning boring money just hours from now.

That’s pretty cool for just $1.

But, it gets even better…

Inside my Juggernaut United Membership site, I have 9 other Boring Money Systems!

So, once you set your first Boring Money System up and running … in just an hour two by following my training … there are 9 others you can start on right away.

Imagine having 10 Boring Money Streams pouring into your bank account every month. There’s nothing boring about that!

There are Boring Money Systems for people who like to write … for people who like romance … for people who like spending time on Facebook …

But, as I’ve been saying, for my #1 Boring Money System, you don’t have to like any of that!

As long as like something, you can have that Boring Money System launched and starting to earn money in a couple of hours.

All you have to do to get access to all 10 Boring Money Systems is accept my offer of a $1 trial to becoming a Juggernaut United Member today.

Why just $1?

Because I know once you see all the cool strategies inside Juggernaut United, you’re going to want to stick around past the 7-day trial period.

Here’s how your $1 test-drive works…

Join now for just $1. Right away you’ll see a welcome video that points you to 2022's Top Boring Money System. If you get started right away, you’ll have everything set up before you go to bed tonight.

Then, take the rest of the 7-day trial to soak in everything inside of Juggernaut United.

If you want to cancel your membership anytime inside that 7 days, you can do so with the click of a button. And you’ll never pay a penny more than that first $1.

If, like most members, you decide to stay beyond the 7 days, you’ll only pay $29 a month. And you’ll never pay a penny more.

Why would you stay on after the $1 7-day trial? Because I’m constantly adding new Boring Money Systems and other training too.

In fact, I can’t see how I could possibly give you more value for just $1.

So, if you’re tired of hypey, fast-money claims, click the button below to get started creating Boring Money Systems now.

Why This Test-Drive is Only Open to 500 417 People
(see proof below)
Remember how I told you that 2022’s Top Boring Money System could NEVER get saturated?

Well, that’s true.

But it’s NOT true for the other 9 Boring Money Systems. Some of those could get saturated, quickly.

And that’s why I’m only letting 500 417 people in on this $1 test-drive deal.

Now, you might be thinking that sounds like marketer’s BS. You probably hear that stuff all the time.

But let me ask you…

Given how boring, steady, and safe I am, do you really think limiting this $1 test-drive of my Juggernaut United membership is a cheap marketing ploy?

I’ve worked hard over the last 10 years to find hands-off Boring Money Systems that really work. And I’m not about to turn them over to the masses without some control.

So, on the day when a total of 500 417 people has taken me up on this $1 test-drive of Juggernaut United, I’ll shut this page down immediately.

To be fair, I like to lead a boring life. And I don’t watch my stats like a hawk. So, it’s possible maybe 510 or so will slip through. That kind of thing has happened before.

But as soon as I login and see we’ve gone over 500 417, I’m pulling the plug!

So, if you don’t want to get left out in the cold like Cousin Ronnie, it’s best to hop on this $1 test-drive now.
And even though it’s only $1 to get 2022’s Top Boring Money System and to test-drive my Juggernaut United membership today, I’d like to sweeten the pot a little.
3 Ways I’m Going Over and Above to Make Sure
Your Journey is a Success
When you accept my offer to test-drive Juggernaut United for just $1 today, I’d like to give you these FREE gifts. Their yours to keep even if you decide Juggernaut United is not for you.
FREE Success Booster #1
How to Think Like a Millionaire
…even if you come from nothing
This Free bonus video training will show you how to think like a millionaire. Sure, you’re going to make money the boring way … but there’s nothing wrong with using a boring strategy to become a Millionaire is there?
But to be a millionaire, you have to think like a millionaire. And in this 67-minute video, I’m going to teach you how to do that.
You’ll discover…

  • Where the instincts and hunches come from that turn regular people into millionaires almost overnight (HINT - these hunches are NOT something reserved for the already rich – you can use them today, no matter where you’re starting from now).
  • Why most people have unknowingly accepted that they will always be a failure when it comes to money (and how to erase that rotten thinking immediately).
  • How to use ‘The Day Before Trick’ to keep your dreams firmly in front of you (especially if the going gets tough like it does for most of us).
  •  How to quickly change your mindset to actually think the same way a millionaire does (this is the quickest path to actually becoming a millionaire).

The Millionaire Thinking System is the perfect companion to my 2022’s Top Boring Money System training. That’s because as simple as my system is, people with bad mindsets risk going off the rails just as they start to get some success.

This special training is how I ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

So, if you ever feel like your mindset is starting to sabotage you, all you have to do is watch The Millionaire Thinking System again. It’s yours to keep whether you stay on past the $1 7-day trial of Juggernaut United or not. 

I'd also like to send you...
FREE Success Booster #2
How to Get More Done in the Next 90 Days then You Did All Last Year

…and why you’d want to in the first place
As I’ve been showing you, my 2022’s Top Boring Money System is simple and takes almost no time at all to set up and making you money.

But I have no idea how big or small your goals are.

Maybe you’re like my brother Matt and you want to go BIG, FAST! (Remind me to tell you the story of how that worked out for Matt.)

Either way, with my 10 Boring Money Systems inside Juggernaut United, you’ll be able to go big if you want. But, if that’s how you want to roll, you’ll need to get more… Productive.

After all, setting up 1 Boring Money System is quick and easy. Setting up 10 takes a little bit of juggling.

That’s why I’m including another FREE video training – The Simple Secrets to Getting More Done in the Next 90 Days than You Did All Last Year.

Inside the FREE 36-minute video training, you’ll discover…

  •  A simple brain-hack that side-steps your regular decision-making process and forces you to get everything done on your to-do list.
  • ​The online ‘booking’ site that could hold the secret to your long-term success.
  • ​How using a 3-minute ‘treadmill trick’ can change the speed at which you get things done forever.

Again, this training is only if you’re not satisfied with the slow, steady Boring Money System way.

You might be the type to get inside Juggernaut United and go nuts on all 10 Boring Money Systems! If that’s the case, use this training to predictably and reliably check every item off your to-do list every day. That’s how you go big, fast.

Lastly, I'd also like to give you...
FREE Success Booster #3
How ‘TN’ Turns $3,000 into $620,000

…and how you can too 
This video training is done with a surprise secret guest that turned $3,000 in $620,000! We’ll call him by his initials, TN.

Now, TN did NOT take the boring way. He’s like my brother Matt and wants big money, fast. And unlike a lot of people, TN figured out exactly how to do it.

TN’s story is astonishing.

But I want to give you a CAUTION here…

I hesitated to add this training in. Why? Because I know some people will skip the Boring Money Systems and go right for the pot of gold.

I’ve already explained to you why that’s a giant mistake.

Remember what I told Cousin Ronnie – Don’t Get Killed? Well, this bonus training will get you killed if you’re not ready.

So, resist the urge to take it before you should.

It’s my great hope and expectation is that you’ll set up your Boring Money Systems first … and make a bunch of money with those … before trying to replicate what T.N. did.

But once you have your Boring Money Systems set up, but all means, use TN’s secret to turn every $3,000 you make into $62,000. You’ll see that it’s not easy, but it is possible. 

If You’re One of the First 500 417 to Take the Test-Drive, I’m Even Going to Hold Your Hand…
As you can see in the image above, I’ve created a private members-only Facebook Group to help support you in your journey.

Now, this isn’t mandatory. If you don’t like Facebook, you don’t have to join. But you’d be missing out!


Because I’m inside the group every day. And as simple as setting up my Boring Money Systems is, you might get hung up on a step or two.

If that’s the case, all you have to do is post your question inside the Facebook Group and I’ll step you through what to do.

As you can see, there are already 83 members.

Those are people who took me up on my $1 trial offer to Juggernaut United already. And I haven’t even promoted it yet.

But, as we speak, there are probably hundreds of people considering this offer right now. And when we cross the 500 417 people threshold, this offer closes.

Why would I offer personal help like this for just $1?

Because it’s NOT about the money for me anymore. My Boring Money Systems have me set up – I expect for life.

Online marketing has been very good to me and my brother Matt.

And this is how I pay that back – by helping people like you achieve the same.

So, if you want to secure your spot today …

If you want to get my 2022's Top Boring Money System training …

If you want to get the 9 other Boring Money Systems …

If you want the bonus Millionaire Thinking System training…

If you want the bonus Secrets to Getting More Done in 90 Days than You Did All Last Year

If you want the bonus Secrets TN used to turn $3,000 into $620,000 (handle with care) …

And if you want access to the Private, Members-Only Juggernaut United Facebook group for unlimited support …

You need to jump on this $1 trial offer now. 

What You Could Be Doing, Just Minutes from Now
When you join us, you’ll get immediate access to 2022s Top Boring Money System. You’ll get immediate access to the other 9 Bonus Boring Money Systems too. You’ll get immediate access to the 3 bonus trainings. And you’ll get access to join the Private Facebook Group too.

Make sure to watch the Welcome Video so you know where to find 2022’s Top Boring Money System. That’s where I suggest you start. You’ll see why when you get there. 

Just click the button below to start your $1 trial of Juggernaut United. When you do, you’ll hit a secure order page where you can invest your $1 safely and securely.

And there’s one last thing I need to share with you today…
What Happens if You Join and You Find Out This is Not for You?
Listen, there’s always a chance my 2022’s Top Boring Money System is not for you.

And there’s always a chance that none of the 9 other Boring Money Systems are for you either.

Now, I HIGHLY doubt it.

I mean, if you’re a VERY advanced marketer, these might seem too simple for you. But then again, that’s the point of Boring Money Systems. They’re supposed to be simple. They’re supposed to spit out cash without a whole lot of involvement from you.

So, unless you DON’T like earning an ever-larger pool of money every month … unless you DON’T like the idea of setting yourself up to quit your job … unless you DON’T like the idea of building a real business that you can sell someday (HINT: people pay big money for Boring businesses that work) …

Then Juggernaut United is for you.

And it will only take you $1 to find out what I’m saying is true.

Now, I won’t insult your intelligence by comparing that $1 to a cup of coffee. You know how much $1 is.


In the almost-impossible-to-believe scenario that you feel like your dollar is wasted … if you feel like I’ve misrepresented my Boring Money Systems in any way … if you feel like the training and the bonuses aren’t worth at least 1,000 times the single dollar you invested in your Juggernaut United test-drive …

You’ll simply let me know.

And I’ll do MORE than just give you your dollar back.
My Personal Ironclad Guarantee...
Why I’ll Give You 10 Times Your Money Back! 
Yes, although I’m only asking you to invest a single dollar today, if you’re not absolutely thrilled with the value inside Juggernaut United, I have no business keeping your dollar.

What’s more, I’ll actually give you $10 back! Why would I be willing to lose money like that? Because I want you to know how serious I am about your success.

Boring Money Systems work. And to date, NOT ONE person has asked for their money back.

So, I doubt very seriously you’re going to want your money back either.

But, if you do, you’ll have your dollar back with 9 extra dollars attached for your time.

I don’t think you’ll see anybody offering a ‘ten times your money back’ guarantee. 

Will You End Up Like Cousin Ronnie, My Brother Matt, or Me?
I can’t express to you how important this moment in time is.

If you knew what I knew about Boring Money Systems, you wouldn’t even hesitate.

And I know it’s hard to separate what works from what’s hype.

But if my Boring Money Systems didn’t work like I’ve said they do, I’d never offer to give you ten times your money back.

Of course, you can close this page right now and try to forget what I’ve shown you.

Maybe you’ll head off to chase fast riches. But you already know those never work out like we hope.

So, you’ll either give up or you’ll keep going. I hope you’re the type that will keep going.

But I know in the back of my mind that with every failure you have, you’ll remember there was an alternative to the smoke-and-mirrors of the Lamborghini guys...

By then, it will probably be too late to get the test-drive. And you might always wonder, “what if I had went the safe, steady boring route like John?”

The Option Your Family Will Thank You For
Your other option is to invest your $1 to test-drive Juggernaut United today.

You could be putting your first Boring Money System into place just moments from now.

Imagine a trickle of Boring Money coming in right away. And imagine that trickle growing day by day – without you managing products or customers.

Imagine using all 10 of my Boring Money Systems to create multiple streams of income too.

Maybe you want to quit your job.

Maybe you want to put your kids in Private School.

Maybe you want to buy a new house or take more vacations.

Maybe you’re boring like me and just want to pad your retirement account.

Or maybe you have your own Cousin Ronnie that you desperately want to shut up.

Whatever you want, it’s all possible with Boring Money.

With extra revenue sources you feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders. You sleep better at night. Your family sleeps better at night too.

There’s no greater peace of mind than Boring Money. That’s because you know it won’t disappear when you stop working.

All you have to do is reach out and grab it...

Can You Guess What Happened to My Brother Matt?
You might be wondering what happened to Matt and my Cousin Ronnie. Those are both good stories.

First, let me tell you about Matt.

All I can say in public is that Matt’s fine. And we’re still close. But you won’t believe the journey he’s been on. It’s 180 degrees different to mine. And it’s exciting as all get out!

Then there’s Cousin Ronnie. Ronnie hit a rough patch. Surprise, surprise. And I’m a softie, so he’s back eating my food at my table. He doesn’t make fun anymore though.

And you won’t believe what Ronnie is doing for a living now!

I’ll tell you the rest of Matt’s story and Ronnie’s story inside Juggernaut United.

See you there!

John S. Rhodes
P.S. – Wasn’t that cool how Matt was able to make $3,000 in a single week while still in College?

Some people still use Matt’s old strategy too. And it still works, a little.

But, as I’ve shown you, nothing beats my number one Boring Money Strategy I just told you about.
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